How do open back clothing make life easier?

Open back clothing is best suited to someone who is assisted with dressing. They are typically living with limited mobility due to frailty, a physical or mental disability or a specific condition such as Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease or Stroke.

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We offer a range of: How do open back clothes work?

Typically a care would face the wearer and slip the clothes arm first on to them bring the open edges together at the back. In comparison to front opening or over the head openings, open backs mean that the wearer does not need to stand or seat, raise or twist their arms, in fact if it’s needed, open back clothes can be slipped onto someone while they are lying down – in this case, you would only do up the top one or two pop fasteners and leave the rest open against the bed.

They also help manage incontinence

Open back clothes aren’t just great for easier dressing. They also make it easier to manage incontinence – especially in bed. As you can imagine, it is much more hygienic and easier to contain if one’s clothing is open at the back - both out of contact and easy to remove.

Back opening clothes are also ideal for inappropriate undressing

Particularly in cases of vascular dementia, people can go through a stage of ‘inappropriate undressing’. As the opening and fastenings of our open back clothes are actually quite tricky to manage on your own, you will find these clothes help to contain this behaviour.

What do the pop-fasteners look like and do they hurt?

We’ve used colour coordinated pop-fasteners for all of our adaptive clothing so you can barely see them. They are strong enough not to pop open at the wrong moment but small enough to open and close with ease. We have chosen the ‘spots’ down the seam which are less likely to irritate or both someone however, with all clothes, it’s important to move to avoid rubbing and bed sores. In fact, if immobility is a serious problem, you will probably find that the clothes are ideally worn in bed but undone at the back eliminating any friction at all.

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