How to claim VAT relief

Our clothes have been especially designed for people with disabilities, illness or limited mobility. It is highly likely that if you need our clothing you are eligible for VAT relief saving you 20% on all purchases. It is your responsibility to determine if you (or the person you are purchasing for) is eligible for VAT relief and to declare that eligibility during our checkout process.

How do you know if you or the person you are purchasing for is eligible for VAT Relief?

A person is eligible for VAT Relief when they are terminally ill, chronically sick or disabled. The ‘illness’ can be either physical or mental providing that the medical profession treats the condition as either terminal or chronic such as Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Oedema, Heart Disease or Stroke.

A frail elderly person who is otherwise able bodied or any person who is only temporarily disabled with say, a broken limb, would not qualify.

Importantly, the clothes must be declared as being purchased for personal or domestic use. VAT relief cannot therefore be claimed if you were intending to supply our clothes to a group of people within a care home as they would no longer be for ‘personal use’ by the declared individual.

Can I claim VAT relief for clothes I’m buying for another person?

Yes, providing the person you are buying the clothes for fits the criteria outlined above, then you are able to complete the declaration and purchase on their behalf.

Can a charity also be eligible for VAT relief?

Yes, providing that the charity’s intention when purchasing our clothes is to make the goods available to a disabled or chronically ill person for their personal or domestic use.

How do I claim VAT Relief when purchasing from Designed to Care?

We will only offer VAT Relief on products that are eligible for zero-rating. To claim this relief, we will ask you a few questions in the checkout process whereby you will simply state the name of the individual the clothes are being purchased for, state the nature of their illness and declare that the intended use of the clothes is personal or domestic. In declaring this, we will then be able to not charge you the VAT that would have normally be applied to the clothes.

For more information visit the HM Revenue and Customs  website to read more on VAT reliefs for disabled people HMRC Reference: Notice 701/7 (August 2002).