How do side zip opening clothes make life easier?

Side zip opening clothing can help people that share the challenge of limited mobility, strength, dexterity or abnormal bladder functioning.

Specifically, our clothing is best suited to people living with Physical Disabilities, Incontinence or long term illnesses such as Arthritis, Alzheimers Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Stroke or Diabetes.  Wheelchair users and people who are frail or bed bound will find it easier to dress using our side and back opening adaptive clothing.

Designed to Care is dedicated to improving people’s choices, dignity and independence.

We offer a range of: How do side zip opening adaptive clothes make dressing easier?

With long zips of approx 40cm on both sides of our trousers, our side opening clothes offer an extremely large opening to place your legs into for dressing. This extra opening means that you won’t need to bend, lift or be handled as much every time you dress or undress. Each side opening is fastened using a sturdy but tastefully discrete and colour coordinated zip with its own easy grip tag.

They are also very helpful in managing incontinence and using a catheter.

The long side zips allow for quicker undressing, easier side access to incontinence pads for carers and if wearing a catheter, the long zips will make access and changing the catheter easier than normal clothes.

Open back adaptive clothes are also ideal for inappropriate undressing

Particularly in cases of vascular dementia, people can go through a stage of ‘inappropriate undressing’. As the opening and fastenings of our open back clothes are actually quite tricky to manage on your own, you will find these clothes help to contain this behaviour.

All of our side zip clothes include pockets and elastic waist bands for comfort.

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