Bowel and bladder incontinence is a reality for many people - our adaptive clothes are here to make dressing and living with incontinence more manageable.

Incontinence can be very upsetting for people to deal with. Designed to Care is committed to offering you incontinence clothing solutions to handle it with more dignity and ease.

Our open back designs allow for easier assisted dressing with no lifting or standing, while they can also be worn ‘un done’ at the back allowing direct and hygienic access to incontinence pads and care. Likewise, our side opening skirts and trousers can be zipped off in a flash and again, provide easy access if seated or lying down.

In order to maintain hygiene, it is important to change clothing regularly or better still, wear back opening clothes when seated or lying to avoid contact and stay dry. Our back opening nightwear is particularly popular for the management of night time incontinence.

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