Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a UK company?

Yes. Apart from our Sri Lankan manufacturer, all our suppliers and partners are UK companies.

Where are your clothes made? Do you use ethical manufacturers?

Yes. Our clothes are designed in the UK, our cloth and accessories are sourced from around the world and our manufacturing takes place in Sri Lanka. The manufacturers that we work with have been sewing clothes for UK high street stores for decades and operate both fairly and within the bounds of Sri Lanka's strict employment laws.  They are inspected regularly by our UK partners and are audited as part of the SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) Programme. 

Do you offer an alteration service?

Unfortunately no, we don’t currently offer this service. We have of course, made every effort to make the clothes ‘adjust to’ and flatter different sizes with elasticised waist bands, waist ties or loose fits so hopefully you won’t need alterations!

Do you offer discounts?

We think our prices offer excellent value for money when compared to similar quality items from high street stores and especially, when you consider all the extra work that has gone into them to make them 'easier to dress'.  As such, we don’t expect to be go on sale, instead we offer a saving you can receive everyday - free delivery on all purchases over £100.

Can I exchange my clothes if I buy the wrong size?

Yes of course. Providing your exchange or return falls within the terms of our returns policy , you are welcome to return anything that doesn’t fit. Do make sure you take a look at our sizing guide though before ordering as this will hopefully help you to not order the wrong size in the first place.

Can I only buy your clothes over the phone or on the internet?

To keep our business manageable and our prices reasonable, our clothes are only available through this website or over the phone.

Ordering online is safe and easy, simply choose your items and size, proceed to the ‘Checkout’, and then follow the steps of creating an account, providing your contact, VAT and delivery details and finally paying for your order using a debit or credit card using our secure online payment form.

How do I know my personal and payment details are secure?

All transactions on our website are protected by 128-bit SSL encryption for your security and peace of mind.

I’m confused! How do clothes that open from the back make dressing easier?

Back opening clothes are best worn when you need assistance with dressing. Unlike traditional ‘front opening’ clothes, they allow you to simply ‘walk into the clothes’ or ‘pop them on seated or lying down’ without the need to stand, twist arms or spend too long fiddling with buttons down your front. We’ve made every effort to ‘conceal’ the pop-fasteners and size zips.

You mention that I may be able to purchase my clothes without paying VAT, how is this possible?

Our clothes have been especially designed for people with disabilities, illness or limited mobility. It is highly that if you (or the person you’re buying for) need our clothing that you will be eligible for VAT relief. Please visit our Claim VAT relief page to read the full details. All of our prices are displayed excluding VAT as we will calculate the correct VAT amount during the checkout process depending upon your VAT Relief eligibility.

Will the pop-fasteners open by themselves just with normal movement?

We’ve tested our clothes in lots of normal situations and found the pop-fasteners to be secure and safe from spontaneously opening! We have also made an effort to strategically place them to avoid pressure points on the spine.

Are you clothes able to withstand the commercial washing machines used in care homes?

Yes, we have selected all of our fabrics on the basis of them being able to handle commercial laundering while still being soft and gentle. Don’t forget, we have also included name tags in all of our clothes so that you can easily label the clothes to avoid them being lost – this is a must for care homes and will save you needing to find labels and sew them into traditional clothes.

I have ideas for other clothes and useful things that would make dressing easier for people with limited mobility, would you make these?

Firstly, we’d love to hear from you! We can’t promise that we will be able to mass produce what you’re after but lets talk and maybe we can. Contact us via email at

Will people be offended if I give them ‘care clothes’ as a gift?

To be honest, the only people who have ever said our clothes are odd are those that haven’t had contact with people dealing with the frustrations and pain of diminished mobility or dexterity. It is our experience that while our clothes and a new way of dressing might take a little bit of getting used to, once settled in, the independence and comfort they create are appreciated no end.