Disabled Clothing – VAT free, wheelchair friendly, crease resistant and so easy and lovely to wear.

Clothing that’s been designed especially for the disabled need not be ugly or poorly made. In fact, ours are lovely! Designed to Care’s disabled clothes all look like ‘normal clothes’ but have clever adaptions to make them easy to wear and be dressed in if you are living with a physical disability.

Back opening and wrap around clothes are ideal if you are assisted with dressing as they allow for seated dressing and require minimal movement. All open back clothing are fastened with our discrete pop-fasteners – they’re colour coordinated and have been lined up to not press too much on your back.

Our side opening trousers and skirts are ideal for disabilities that minimise leg movement. The extremely wide openings make getting legs in and out easy, while having zips on both sides means you can choose how you get into them – using both or maybe just one zip. Our zips are long and sturdy and all have easy grip tags that have been made using the same fabric so they’re really discrete. Of course, we’ve also used elastic waists at the back and roomy ‘seats’ so they’re really comfortable to wear.

The majority of our disabled clothes are recognised as being mobility aids and therefore are eligible to be purchased free of VAT if you have a chronic illness or disability.