We're often asked 'What clothes will be needed for life in a Care Home?'

Of course, this is a hard question to answer as it really does depend on an individual’s situation and preferences. Give some thought to some of the following points and remember you can always buy more once settled in or as a condition develops.

  • Care home clothes need to be in good condition, able to withstand commercial washing and require minimal or no ironing.
  • All clothes should include clearly labelled name tags to ensure they make them back to your loved one after washing.
  • In the Care Home it’s likely that assistance will be given with dressing, washing and toileting. Give thought to what would be easy to dress someone in – avoid fiddly fastening and clothes that need to be put on over the head.  If standing, bending or raising arms are an issue, you will find that back opening clothes make dressing a much easier experience for your loved one and the care givers. 
  • Most time will be spent indoors where the temperature should be pleasant.  Rather than pack thick jumpers, clothes should be made from lighter weight fabrics with wraps , robes and cardigans added for warmth.
  • Don’t forget variety! Just because someone is going to a home doesn’t mean they want to wear tracksuits and joggers every day.
  • You can’t pack too much underwear! Socks, spencers and underwear all go missing in the wash and if incontinence is an issue pack at least ten pairs of underwear.
  • Include a ‘washing robe’ for getting to and from the bathroom – something easy to slip on that will keep your loved one warm and discrete. If you think a wheelchair might be used for transport then a back opening robe will be the easiest style they could wear.
  • It’s likely that you’ll need to top up the wardrobe over time. Despite using name tags and the good intentions of the staff, clothes do inevitably go missing in care homes. Likewise, weight loss is often experienced as conditions take their toll. Keep an eye on the wardrobe and as replacements are needed or requirements change, order them.

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