Dressing can be easier for Alzheimer’s and dementia with our adaptive clothing 

As dementia progresses, dressing unfortunately becomes increasingly difficult – both independently and with assistance. Limited mobility, dexterity, strength and incontinence coupled with the changes in behaviour can make it challenging for people to retain their dignity. Designed to Care is committed to providing you with adaptive alzheimer's clothing and dementia clothing solutions that preserve independence – our side zips, pop-fasteners and wrap around designs all make dressing easier and less intrusive. While our open back clothes especially suit people who are now assisted with dressing or immobile by reducing the need for them to raise arms, stand, twist or be lifted.

Dressing tips for Alzheimer’s and Dementia
  • Encourage independence – helping people to dress independently for longer and to choose and wear clothes that are express their personality.
  • Help people stay comfortable and warm - layer clothing and remember that they may not always be able to indicate if temperature is a problem. A fleece wrap popped over the sholders is a great idea.
  • Change clothes regularly – as people with dementia are sometimes difficult to dress and less aware of hygiene, it’s important to try to change regularly and encourage them to do so.
  • Allow enough time – dressing will become a slower process, try not to rush them and where possible use adaptive clothes that are fast and easy to dress with.
  • Encourage personal grooming – hair styles, perfume, jewellery – while not essential, all offer a chance of self expression and beauty.

Alzhiemer's is considered to be a chronic condition by HMRC, click here to find out more about chronic illness and disabled vat relief on adaptive clothing

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