Our adaptive clothing for the elderly and disabled cost what you’d expect to pay on the UK high street but offer unique practicality and dignity

Mans adaptive back opening nightshirt
Designed to Care's adaptive clothing make it easier to dress and be dressed
  • No more buttons! All of our adaptive clothes have discrete and colour coordinated side zips with easy to grab pull tags and soft pop-fasteners.
  • Adaptive clothes are ideal for disabled, elderly, limited mobility or restricted arm and leg movement. We have adapted our clothing so that they can all be slipped on and simply fastened from the front, back or side making it easier to dress if you are seated, lying down or unable to easily lift or twist arms and legs.
  • Dressing is made less intrusive and more dignified for people who are in pain or do not easily accept assistance.

Mans adaptive side zip opening trousers
Our Adaptive Clothing is designed especially for people receiving extra care
  • Improve the occupational health and safety standards for Care givers. Our back opening clothes can be slipped onto people reducing the need for hoists and lifting to dress.
  • We understand that incontinence is a reality for many people. Open Back clothes provide direct and hygienic access to incontinence pads, while our side zip trousers and skirts are easy to zip off in a rush.
  • All arm and leg openings a little larger than conventional clothing and side openings make it easier for carers to access limbs and the torso for medical and hygiene purposes.
  • Many of our adaptive clothes can be purchased VAT exempt for eligible disabled or ill customers living with long term sickness or physical disabilities
  • Soft name tags are attached to all our clothes allowing you to easily label clothing – ideal for care homes or nursing homes.

Ladies back opening adaptive nightie
A caring gift of independence, dignity and comfort
  • With classic styles, pretty trims and discrete modifications our adaptive clothes offer practicality and dignity while not compromising on style or quality.
  • Clothes must be comfortable, soft and warm. We have carefully selected our fabrics on the basis of warmth, softness, ability to 'breathe', wrinkle resistance and durability. All our adaptive clothes are made from natural and synthetic blends and can withstand commercial washing.
  • We offer a 28 day 'no quibble' returns and exchanges policy on our adaptive clothing range and offer fast and reliable delivery to anywhere in the UK.

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