Our quality open back nightwear and gowns are ideal hospital clothing – wear clothes that make you feel well as well as offer the practicalities you need.

Unfortunately during hospital stays you will spending more time in bed, nurses and doctors will need easier to access to your limbs and you may need to use a bed pan or catheter. Depending upon your treatment, you may also find it hard to stand or lift your arms.

Our open back nightwear look like normal but are able to be put on and off without standing, lift your arms and if you’re bed bound or unable to visit the bathroom as normal, you can wear them undone at the back for easier access.

All of our clothes are made from quality fabrics and include name tags. Make your stay in hospital and convalescence easier with our hospital clothing.

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Long Sleeved Front Button Cotton Nightshirt
Long Sleeved Front Button Jersey Cotton Nightdress
Long Sleeved Front Button Polycotton Nightdress
Men's Bed Coat
Men's Brushed Cotton Pyjamas
Men's Long Sleeve Brushed Cotton Nightshirt
Men's Short Sleeve Cotton Nightshirt
'Petal Back Open Back Nightie - Long Sleeve
'Petal Back Open Back Nightie - Short Sleeve
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